Flytampa - Vienna LOWW v2.8 [P3Dv4]

Vienna-Schwechat International (LOWW) airport scenery.
  • Added Skylink Terminal and parking Garage
  • Added West Apron, GAC Terminal and JetAlliance Hanger
  • Added Buildings near north Apron Updated Gate numbering to new layout (A,B,C,D,E,F,H,K)
  • Added Specular and Reflection shaders to old Terminals and other Buildings (FSX)
  • New Taxiways P and Q Updated Taxiways O & I to M & L
  • Added seasonal mini-Photoscenery, Autogen and Highway Traffic (FSX)
  • Added "Billa" Supermarket
  • FS9 version fully recompiled
  • FSX version compiled with SP2-SDK (*except ground polygons, DX9 mode only)
  • Removed legacy code Docking Aids & Marhellers. Please use AES for this
  • Updated AFCAD

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