QualityWings - Ultimate 787 Collection v1.0.1 [FSX/FSX:SE + New crack]

Changes in version 1.0.1:
[Fixed] Removes Gauge Expiration
[Fixed] CTD on SYS COMM page
[Fixed] CTD when loading a saved Panelstate
[Fixed] Random Loss of Elevator Control
[Fixed] Overspeed Warning
[Fixed] Navdata Update using Navigraph
[Fixed] VC Texture Issues when using Reduced Memory Option on DX10
[Fixed] Flap Handle inop using Joystick Axis
[Fixed] ATIS Request
[Fixed] Wrong Alternate Airports on ND
[Fixed] Black Placard Shadow on 787-9 Phone in VC
[Fixed] MCP Flight Path Angle Decimal Digits
[Fixed] TCP WXR Page Call Mixup
[Fixed] Product Installer not automatically finding path to FSX: Steam Edition
[Added] LBS to KGS Option
[Added] Quick Start Manual


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