[FSX/P3D] Aerosoft - CRJ 700&900 1.0.10

Product information "CRJ 700/900 X"
Most flight simulator fans prefer flights that do not exceed two hours, and for a good reason. The parts of simulated flights considered “fun” are the departure and arrival. That’s why commuters are so popular with flight simulator fans.

The Bombardier CRJ 700 and 900 series are some of the most often used regional airliners today – every 10 seconds, one of them takes off. You will find them at most airports worldwide. Although not very popular with passengers as those seats are indeed very small and you cannot even stand upright if you are tall, airline companies prefer them because they are efficient and reliable. They are still in production, and although the newer models have better seats, larger overhead bins and better sound proofing they will never be really comfortable.

Pilots like to fly them because they are powerful, agile, and a joy to fly manually. It is often described as ‘sporty’. They also demand more flying skill than a modern Airbus or Boeing because the flight management systems are limited, for example: no auto throttle and only advisory vertical navigation.

In our simulators, they were missing for a long time, but the Aerosoft / Digital Aviation CRJ 700/900 X provides the aircraft we have all been waiting for. As with all internal aircraft projects, the CRJ was created with the job of the pilot in mind. It fully focuses on the task of piloting this aircraft. We feel that things that have never happened in real life should not play a major role and that allows us to create a high-end aircraft for a modest price.

Version 1.0.10 - Rev 269:

[Fixed] Fuel/Time calculation updating on legs with ToC/ToD
[Fixed] MFD SAT/TAT indications no longer locked to -14/-28
[Fixed] Late turn to new direct leg
[Checked] DME Autotune update (no issue found)
[Fixed] Wrong CoG/trim calculation for CRJ-900
[Fixed] CTD when holding is part of the flightplan
[Fixed] (DIR) not commanding a turn (turn condition not met)
[Added] Pilot-defined waypoints on LEGS page (PBD, PBPB, ATD, Lat/Lon, Lat/Lon shorthand)
[Added] Pilot-defined waypoints on DEFINE PILOT WPT page (PBD, PBPB, Lat/Lon)
[Added] Loading and saving of named pilot-defined waypoints
[Changed] Moved userwpt.txt from NavData folder to "AerosoftDigital Aviation CRJ"
[Added] vPilot support (transponder mode and squawk ident)
[Added] Center of Gravity indication on DAVE Payload page
[Added] Takeoff Trim indication on DAVE Payload page
[Added] Sensitivity for autopilot disconnect by yoke not configurable via DAVE Options page 3/3
[Fixed] Fuel Used now resets if aircraft is powered down
[Fixed] Landing time on FLT LOG page
[Added] MFD HSI/NAV mode glideslope indicator
[Fixed] AP/APU/XPDR event trigger optimization
[Fixed] PFD/MFD: VORx/LOCx red and boxed when no signal is received
[Fixed] (INTC) to DME arc transition
[Fixed] Improved drawing of DME arc and radius to fix legs
[Fixed] Further turn radius fine tuning
[Fixed] Wrong distance and time indication for next waypoint in MFD window
[Fixed] Yoke issues!
[Fixed] APU Start in flight
[Fixed] Turn radius fine tuning
[Fixed] VNAV and ToD calculations
[Fixed] Missed Approach procedure calculations
[Fixed] General distance, time and fuel calculations
[Added] DAVE: Flaps 20 takeoff speeds option
[Fixed] 2D Panels: Possible CTD on resizing
[Fixed] DAVE: Doors reopening when clicking "CLOSED" twice
[Fixed] TOD Indication in MFD VNAV window (TOD time & distance not correct yet)
[Fixed] WXR: Increased gain
[Added] Additional measures against string buffer overflow CTDs
[Removed] Crash Handler
[Fixed] FMS: NAV Tracking
[Fixed] FMS: TTG/Fuel calculation on directs
[Fixed] FMS: TTG/Fuel calculation on legs with ToC/ToD
[Fixed] HGS: FD indication

Download Size: 1.04 GB

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