[FSX/P3D] MJC8 Q400 Cockpit Sound Immersion HD

All sounds included in this product are recorded in the real airplane, and were carefully processed to provide an authentic flight deck environment. Our goal was simple - to develop a soundpack that will mimic the sound environment we experienced on a real flight deck, hence we spent most of the time working exactly on that area.
Additionally we received extensive feedback from real Q400 pilots and other relevant people that spent a lot of time on the jump seat, thus we believe that we achieved new level of sound realism using Majestic's truly fantastic add-on.

* The soundpack will replace all default sounds, except announcements and music. *


- Authentic engine sounds
- New N1 (turbine) sound with correct pitch
- New switches
- Authentic levers
- High quality GPWS callouts
- New TCAS
- Authentic warning sounds
- New ground roll noise with authentic controls rattle
- New authentic cockpit/nose gear wind noise
- Authentic avionics, packs, external APU, Chime, GPU unit, wipers, stickshaker.

Download Size: 23 MB

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