Kodiak Quest G1000 XPL10

Exceptional  model by Thranda (Dan Klaue) with G1000 and many new and exclusive features. The Quest Kodiak is the bush plane of the 21st century, capable of delivering payload or passengers in any part of the world!

Special Features
  • Auto updater for the duration of XP10 and XP11 !
  • Superb Reflections - inside and outside
  • Dynamic Livery Editor - Create your new livery from inside the plane!
  • Comprehensive menu  with Weight and Balance Manager and many more
  • G1000 GPS with complete database
Aircraft Visuals
  • Superb Reflections reflections via plugin - FPS-friendly
  • Editable reflections, either by livery or down to individual aircraft components.
  • Dynamic Livery generator - generate dozens of livery varieties within minutes!
  • High quality, optimized 3d mesh throughout - High resolution texture(around 350 pix/m)
  • Window reflections that emulate sense of depth of reflections
  • Scroll wheel visualization (can be disabled) to aid in scroll wheel interface recognition
  • Numerous covers, tie-downs, chocks, caps. All accessible via menu - Modelled GPU
  • Custom lighting throughout (custom strobe flash pattern, custom halos, custom lighting logic)
  • Pulsing landing light option
  • Gimballed internal 3d lights throughout, which cast light on the surfaces they point to (HDR mode)
  • Lifelike, realistically animated Pilot and Copilot figures
  • Shimmering turbine exhaust gas simulated (HDR mode req'd)
  • Cargo that appears and disappears, depending on weight set
  • Detailed engine compartment
  • All chrome and reflective materials now actually look realistic in X-Plane, as they are individually adjustable via the plugin.
  • Extremely detailed panel with dynamic reflections on the  panel material, G1000 glass, and steam gauge glass, which is also night-lighting responsive, and features Fresnel effect.
  • Slick 2d pop-up (actually, "fly-out" window) whose frame colour adjusts adapting itself to the currently loaded livery
  • Animated air conditioning gimbals throughout, which "blow" sounds into the direction of the camera.
  • Custom and X-plane default camera presets
  • Hideable cargo pod with doors that rip off at higher airspeeds if left open.
  • Open cargo pod doors respond to prop wash or weather wind by oscillating back and forth.
  • Electric tug, to tow the plane.
Flight Dynamics and Systems
  • Accurate G1000 simulation with moving map (Licensed by Carenado) 
  • Extremely accurate flight dynamics, arrived at with the help of in-house real-time visual tools
  • Engine can break during over-torque if in realistic mode.
  • Over-torqued engine causes shaft break, smoke in cockpit, chip in engine, alarms, terrifying sounds, etc. 
  • Smoke in engine can be brought under control by killing the "Firewall Air" via knob on panel.
  • Cargo pod and wheel pants affect aerodynamics realistically.
  • Adding cargo pod enables use of weight and balance manager to determine load.
  • Tie-downs prevent aircraft from moving, even in high winds.
Interface and usability
  • Fly-out pop-up menu featuring 5 menus:
    •     General (mode, tug, cargo pod, reflections, lights, etc. options)
    •     Livery selector for pre-painted liveries (X-Plane standard system, with animated previews that look great) 
    •     Or switch to dynamic liveries, where you can edit and create your own liveries quickly with the provided tools
    •     Dynamic real-time weight-and-balance manager with full scroll support, metric/imperial switching, cargo pod option, ability to increase/decrease overall weight or shift balance, automatically re-calculating all loads, etc.
    •     Camera: select camera snap points visually, or use X-Plane's internal camera preset system, with an added visual interface.
    •     Audio: Mix 6 aspects of audio in the plane via scrollable volume faders, to get the mix just right for your taste.  
    •     Slew mode allows you to place your plane in real-time in 3D, temporarily bypassing X-plane's aerodynamics.
Advanced Sound System
  • Advanced Custom audio plugin
  • Doppler effects are sensitive to how the camera is behaving in relationship to the plane. (No more screeching when dollying camera towards the plane.) 
  • High fidelity, multi-track sounds, configured visually via proprietary visual histogram editor.
  • Different for front of plane vs. back of plane.
  • Panning around the plane yields stunning 3D audio effects.
  • Audio positioning is clearly discernible; move around the engine compartment, and the sound origin clearly shifts depending on where the camera is pointing.
  • Individual buttons and switches in the cockpit each have their own sound origin, which is mapped across the stereo spectrum.
  • Gimballed AC vents actually "blow air" when directed at the camera, and the audio pans off to the side the gimbal is turned to.
  • Ambient sounds
  • Realistic electrical sounds, based on bus load and other factors. (Sounds actually give you clues as to what's happening under the hood).
  • Yoke, throttle quadrant, brake handle, etc. make friction sounds that are proportional to their movements, both in pitch and in volume.
  • Realistic oxygen flow sound effects
  • Combustion roar sound typical for turboprop engines
  • Outside wind intensity is affected by slip and AOA. (The more surface area of the fuselage is hit by oncoming wind, the louder the sounds)
  • Individual brake sounds, tug motor sounds, etc.

Download size: 249 MB

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