[FSX/P3D] Flytampa Chicago Midway KMDW Version 2.4


- Unique terrain and pavement rendition techniques.
- Seasonal ground changes (Summer, Fall, Winter).
- Renovated Terminals A, B and C.
- Animated car traffic around Midway.
- Transparent terminal windows and passengers.
- Numerous static objects like service trucks, cars, etc.
- Volumetric Grass (FSX only).
- Includes both FS2004 (V1.0) and FSX-SP2 (V2.0).
Just enter the key in the in the box when it asks for it. Enjoy!
 Compatible with p3d/v2/v3/fsx/fs2004
To download you need some software compatible with Torrent files!
Download size: 148 MB 


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